Your brand is much more than just a logo design, it is your company’s unique voice. It is important to develop a brand identity that tells a consistent, coherent story through visual cues. Whether you’re knowingly influencing it or not, your audience is defining your brand based on how they perceive you. This is why visual branding is so important. If the visuals that you’re conveying do not match your values, it will confuse your audience. A brand with a strong foundation has the power to create loyalty by naturally making connections with the intended audience.

With a branding package you will receive a solid foundation to set you + your business for success and start creating brand recognition from your very first impression. My goal is to provide you with a set of tools that you will be able to use and continue to build upon for many years to come. Creating a corporate soul or a Brand Guide consisting of your logo, colors, typography, patterns, iconography, tone of voice and more – all working as single unit to express what your company stands for. Since every company is different, branding packages can be modified based on individual needs.


The perfect partner to any business, is a beautiful and well designed website to showcase your work to prospective clients and customers! There is nothing more appealing to customers than an easy to navigate and image rich website.

Rather than getting stuck into web design immediately, the focus is on getting to know you and your business. After setting objectives and developing strategies, the process begins – to craft a journey that guides your customers to the desired outcome. Along with your website, a strong social media presence is one of the crucial middle points between you and your customers. It can help convert a potential customer, bring back old customers or keep your existing customers aligned with your brand.

With a digital package – I will create content that isn’t just pretty to look at but serves a greater purpose. Whether you are looking to increase your leads, build brand awareness, or to help educate your customers – I ensure that your social media and website will exceed your goals and expectations. I can also help you roll out brand new emails for newsletters, competitions, product announcements or sales. A fresh approach is key to adapting to the ever-changing eCommerce and digital landscape.


Whether you need help creating your idea from scratch, developing a concept or carrying existing branding across to something new – I will handle it with care and attention to ensure stunning deliverables.

From apparel and packaging to large-scale signage, I’ve worked on it all. With a print package, I will re-boot your visuals and inject them with your brand personality and style. I can even manage the printing process and delivery for you. I will take your ideas and bring them to life because something beautiful is worth meeting in the real world.